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Search engine optimization (SEO), is the single most important aspect of website design. Simply put, search engine optimization means making sure all of the major search engines will easily index your web pages, thereby increasing business for your website. Analogue Web Design researches your keywords and phrases and optimizes your content to ensure that your website has all of the necessary criteria to help drive relevant traffic to your site.

Why You Need a Website

A website provides customers around the world 24-hour access to your company's services and product information at their convenience. Unlike traditional print advertisements, a website has unlimited distribution, can hold a virtually limitless amount of information, and can be updated instantly at any time. In this modern age, organizations simply cannot remain competitive without an effective presence on the web.

Whether you are looking for a new website, or plan on redesigning or overhauling your existing, Analogue Web Design is the affordable solution to your web design needs.



welcome to dzineit. i am peter crisafi, founder of dzineit. 
i started designing at the age of 14 for my family business. working on advertising campaigns has always given me joy and excitement. i have always been intrigued by advertisements and layouts. simple questions such as: “how did they do that?” “what were they thinking?” and, “what is the concept behind this?”

after over 18 years in the sales, advertisement and marketing fields, i know the wealth of different design styles out there. each designer has his own unique vision, me included. after some time i began to itch to gain more control of the advertising programs on which i worked.
by the year 1998 i directed my first magazine, area homes for better homes and gardens which increased the company revenue by 12%. after a while…again, i yearned to reach beyond my ordinary “break boundaries” to give the general public fresh and new design ideas.
with the internet revolution a whole new world of design has opened up outside of print, creating a fresh start and a new frontier in the design world. designing for the web is a whole different ball of wax, and an exciting new opportunity. it brings to the fore a whole new set of considerations: in print you have a split second to catch the reader’s eye, whereas the web has been designed in a manner that draws the reader in and keeps him there. the web has to be very user-friendly. just as in any other media, the web incorporates all types of design and has opened doors to many young designers: from the expert to the novice. with so many programs out there, more and more fresh talent has the means to be designers. i try to look at the web from both ends: from the designer’s point of view and from the reader’s point of view looking in. what would make me stay at a web site? what is eye-appealing?

today dzineit is a team of highly experienced young graphic designers, web designers, copy writers, and photographers. dzineit is a rare haven for artists and designers in a competitive field. at dzineit the focus is on collaboration, not cut-throat competition. because we work closely together, we produce outstanding design work. through careful collaboration and team work, each design challenge is resolved and championed, producing top quality work. at dzineit our motto is always “go above and beyond” both in the designs we create and the professional relationships we keep.while many designers are out trying to win awards and out-do one another, our main goal is to design from the consumer’s point of view. what the consumer sees is what matters. this is how we target our work. many times art directors try to push their own design standards. the problem is, they forget that it’s the consumer buying the product, not the art director. the bottom line comes down to you: the client - you are hiring us to sell your product to the consumer. you need revenue not awards. sometimes designers forget that. 

our company's main objective is to produce great work for individuals and small companies. we realize that the little guy needs great designs too - even if he doesn’t always know where to find an affordable design firm. at dzineit small companies are big clients, and everyone is treated with the utmost care. at dzineit every client gets the red carpet rolled out for him. we strive to build trust and rapport by giving each of our clients lots of personal attention. when you call dzineit you speak to the designer, not the secretary. we work with every client to understand their design needs and produce the work they want in a timely fashion. when you say you need it friday we have it to you on wednesday. when we say fast in no way does it mean shoddy work.
today most companies are on a limited design budget. we never turn a client away because of a limited budget. we will work with you. our philosophy is what comes around will go around. we realize how hard it is to get started. we want to help your business grow alongside ours. 
here at dzineit we offer the following services: 

• graphic design •web design •corporate identity design
• professional layout •advertisement campaigns •editorial layout
• menu design •flyers/postcards •web banners
• brochures •folders •sell sheets/ presentations
• printing (while printing is not our specialty we work with some of the biggest printing companies around the country to get our client door to door service at the best possible price)

dzineit wants to be the one place you go to for all you graphic design, web design and printing needs 
together we can dzine it!

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